MK Aronia Juices

We carefully select and process organic Aronia berries to extract their pure and potent nectar for our MK Aronia juice – all without any additives, colouring, preservatives or sweeteners.
Our powerful Aronia juice contains some of the highest known levels of anthocyanins, the outstanding antioxidants found in the skin, seeds and pigment of the berry itself. Antioxidants bind to and neutralise harmful, stress-induced free radicals and protect against the effects of ageing and disease.
The process we’ve developed to extract and to bottle our juice has resulted in it being the most concentrated Aronia on the market, with an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity that’s three times that of freshly squeezed Aronia juice.
We have two Aronia juices: N (pure organic concentrated Aronia juice) and A (a sweeter-tasting Aronia blended with organic apple juice).

MK Aronia Juice - A
Highly concentrated pure organic Aronia juice, blended with the juice of organic apples
15,00 EUR
MK Aronia Juice - N
A highly concentrated nectar from the berry that tops the list of super foods
15,00 EUR