MK Beauty Oils

MK Beauty Oils are a blend of the oils from Egyptian black cumin, Austrian pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, rosehip seeds, evening primrose and flaxseed. They are drawn from carefully selected organic plants through cold pressing and filtration in a state-of-the-art, low heat, light- and oxygen-free environment that maximises stability, nutritional value and freshness.
The oils are a rich vegan source of essential fatty acids that deliver vitality to cells and protect them from stress. Essential fatty acids also boost the body’s ability to moisturise and produce collagen, leading to skin with increased elasticity, reduced impurities and greater balance. 
The micronutrients the oils contain also support recovery from exercise and stress and support the brain, as they help to heal, calm and promote the building of cells.
We have three oils, tailored to different people: W (woman), M (men) and O (original – for everyone, including babies). 
MK Beauty Oil - W
For women wishing for a supported system, and skin and body care that nourishes and nurtures
45,00 EUR
MK Beauty Oil - O
Life-essential oils for the healthy growth and development of the whole family
45,00 EUR
MK Beauty Oil - M
Supporting brain, body and skin health – specially developed with men in mind
45,00 EUR